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Summer in the city

Wow, haven't even looked at this blog for a little over 6 months, crazy and sad. 
I started this blog so I could have something to look back on and remember everything I've done with my travels and university experiences etc. So I guess it's just to get back at it! 

I've previously written loads about trying to transfer from London to Minnesota to continue my studies there, this however couldn't be done. I got accepted and everything was fine but all my credits didn't transfer, leaving me to having to do my BA from the start again. To me this wasn't worth the time or money since I only have one year left now here in London. So I'm staying!! 

Not only am I staying in London for my last year, I'm also staying over the summer. The first time I will experience summer in the city in London. I'm excited but also a bit sad since I wont be spending that much time with my family back home in Stockholm.. AND I probably won't have the money to go to Minnesota either to visit my host family which is also really sad but life comes in between sometimes and you can't always have everything.
Even so me and my boyfriend Eddie is going on friday to Sweden for the weekend to visit. Will be lovely and I'm so happy to see everyone again after 6 months away! 

So what am I doing in London this summer? 
Well I'm working at my university as their internation recruitment summer intern, helping them with their recruitment for our new collage in Berlin that just recently opened it's doors! 
Today is my first day and it's a good one to just grow used to the systems and getting to know the workload. 
I will be here for 3 months so there's no stress getting things done, and since it's been two stressful terms after the winter holiday, having a nice and easy summer sounds so good to me

I'll try and keep you all more updated from now on, if not for you, then for my future self. I want to remember everything! 

Will upload some photos soon from the previous six months, stay tuned! 


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