because deep down I know that he's glass too

Idag var jag till tandläkaren, 320 kr för 5 min och att höra att allt var bra... jahaja.. pengar jag inte har men det var väl bra att de var bra. Efter gick jag och kolla vinterjackor med Lovisa och Kalle, satte oss på ett fik då Kalle lämna oss för att gå till skolan och därefter andra Lovisa joina in och vi satt där hela kvällen. Mina tjejor är finast i världen. <3 Lovisa visade även en asbra låt av Gavin Degraw, Glass hette den. Hade nästan glömt bort honom, men inte längre, usch vad hans texter berör. Vi satt alla med tårar i ögona efter denna låt, Lyssna bara:

Fool you made the girl fall in love
you said those beautiful things
she thought you spoke things you mean

Caress her skin like it's glass
she hears your voice making plans
and sees your face in her hands

You don't wanna see somebody beg
as you feel her heart surrender
you begin to fall
How do you say that something's through
when it never even started
at least not for you

You breathe her air and you leave
you keep your mind on yourself
and lie the glass on the shelf
After the heavenly speech
your body throws holy heat
the angels sing when our eyes meet

It wasn't a lie but it wasn't true
I just wanted to make you feel good
just wanted you near
I wasn't prepared I wasn't thinking of you
that you could actually love me
it never should have started

She's dreaming back on the past
every opinion agreed
doesn't know what to believe

It must have been for a cause
our lives have so many doors
don't think about him anymore

But it was the kiss, it took me away
it's like he knew that I am fragile
he handled me like glass
and it hurts but it's what I deserve
because I should have been more careful
with the others that I handled
I should have been 
I should have been 
and knowing this I know 
that he'll get his
but I don't want the man to suffer
oh not the way I am
because deep down I know that he's glass too
but it really doesn't matter 
until it's happening to you
everybody breaks
everybody breaks



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