Zara Larsson is my Spirit Animal

If you're in anyway familiar with the Swedsih music industry, you might have noticed everything that's going on in regards of the Swedish artist Zara Larsson. 

Zara is an active feminist and is famous for speaking her mind and not backing down, which has led to that, especially men, feel like they have the right to hate on her. 
Below is some comments made about her just because she pointed out the obvious sexism in the music industry, just because she spoke up about the injustice in the marketing campaign for the Swedish festival Bravalla. 

These comments translates:
Maybe she wouldn't be hated if she didn't hate on everything and everyone. 

If she just would stop seeking so much damn attention through making eveyone upset, maybe she could avoid all the hate. 

If she is allowed to hate on us men, we should be allowed to hate on her just as much and write what we think about her just as she does about us. 


They're basically saying that she takes too much space, that she should back down and not talk about the sexism. It's awful and I'm just so thankful Zara Larsson is out there, still going strong and putting them in their place saying: I don't hate men, I hate men in groups that push down women.

Internet hate and sexism is a real thing and is something that has to be taken seriously. This is the world we grow up in now a days and just because the bullying is done online doesn't mean that it should be OK. 

This makes me so angry and I hope Zara keeps paving the way for feminism everywhere and continues to spread awareness about internet hate and bullying. 

Her blogpost, tho in Swedish, where she confronts all the speculations head on is just awesome:



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